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"I've learned the hard way that there are a lot of poor quality pellets on the market that make the job of maintaining you stove a real pain. I've switched to pellets made by Vermont Wood Pellet Company. I'm happy with high BTU...low dust and they're priced right. I'll never use any other pellet in my stove again

-Steven Fenn:

Local Architect


"We have been burning VWP eclisively for 17 days. The lens on the photo eye has stayed cleaner than ever. The Lennox stove does NOT like the draft reduced, because a slight reduction in draft leads to more carbon build up. I love the smell when opening a fresh bag. There is something very clean and wholesome about VWP

-The Latsons:

Danby, Vermont


"I want to tell how pleased we are with the pellets we got from you. I bought a few bags of the other pellets before yours arrived. there is no comparison between yours and the other. The VT pellets burn so completely. There is so little ash or carbons left in the burn pot. I only scrape out the burn pot every 3-4 days. The old pellets I had to do it at least daily . We are very pleased. Thank You"

-Bryce & Linda Howells


"Having burned pellets for several years, we have found yours to be the best ever...Low Ash...lots of heat and we're using less of them.  We're cleaning the stove less often!"

-Trader Rick's


"I'm all about suporting the locals: the loggers, their truckers and the people at the new mill. Vermont Wood Pellets wood is grown here and its burnt here. Puts out far more heat than everyting I've ever tried."

-Roy at Bond Auto Parts


"We are lucky to have the first pellet mill in the state located in North Clarendon.  They are the best pellets I have ever used: less ash...better heat...less cleaning time."

-Selectboard member:

Mike Klopchin

A Piece of Vermont in Every Bag

    *      Consistent Super Premium Pellets                           

              (Produced from pulpwood harvested in our local forests)

    *      Heat Value 8700 + BTU/ Lb.

    *      Ash Content 0.31 % weight or less

    *      Moisture less than 6 % weight

    *      Fines 0.43 % weight or less



Fall Pricing

Prices Per Ton                                                   

Deliered Pricing                                         

Credit Card payments are

an additional $5.00 / ton

(cash/check pricing)

1-2  Tons

$271.50 /Ton (delivered)

3-4 Tons

$261.50 /Ton (delivered)

5 or More Tons

$251.50 /Ton (delivered)

Picked Up At Store

Bourdeau Brothers (Middlebury, VT) $249.00 Ton


Sale Runs

October 1st- November 30th

The Misunderstood Pellet- Softwood

Most people jump to the conclusion that "we have always burned hardwood in our woodstove so hardwood must be better."- Not true with pellets.  Softwood pellets will produce 10-20% more BTU's per pound than hardwood depending on the species and create a lighter ash


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